by oscar
(new jersey)

I wonder if it's compatible with any other type of tractor trailer driving... I heard my teacher say once if you drive tanker then u can easily jump to another type of trailer it that true? and what about the opposite?

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May 23, 2011
by: TruckerYitz

well it is true and not true, tanker trailers are rarlty longer then 40 ft long so its a little harder to back in a 53 or 57 ft trailer. same with driving around the curves and city crnrs, oh and most tanker trailers have fixed position axles.

so now one needs to learn the axle lenth laws on some states. ca, ct, are shorter, some states have no lenth law but have weight laws. nyc is 73280 lbs and 55 ft bumper to bumper and 96 wide.

you see tankers only really have to worry about bridge if driving a short cab over like in fl with 80,000 lbs.

then of course there's the back doors that you need to learn about, and the hooks on side of trlrs to secure open doors, (i know some tankers...food grade ...have a small back door to protect hoses etc..

then there is the height issue haven't seen many tall tankers. most box vans are 13.6 compared to 10.6 on tankers
i wouldn't be afraid to pull all types of trailers but one should know that you dont just pull up to a trailer hook and go.

some trailers like tankers need heat from the tractors cooling system hooked up. some trailers need hydrolic fluids hooked up/ wet lines/ like car trailers... like dump buckets.

some trailers need air line hook ups that are different then glad handles. yes they hook up from undernieth the floor of the trailer.
some trailers like goosenecks oversize etc have other concerns.

and of course dont forget the dolley legs... some teailers get folded up under nieth instead ofcranking them up. and then again some need a special crank handle that drivers keep in the truck with them.

so go for it and widen your trailer experiences..

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