taking the blame

by Nathalie Ibarra
(laredo tx united states)

I am the daughter from Mexican parents. I am 19 years old born where we live at this moment in Laredo Texas my parents move to give me and my little sister and big brother a better life which we do have.

Thanks to them i was able to get an education with no economic issues. We have lived here more than 20 years. My mom did go to school and graduated with her bachelors degree. My dad doesn't have a degree or any education his childhood wasn't very easy but hell hes a hard working man just to provide us with everything we need.

His whole life he's been a truck driver its his passion and that's how he brings food home for his family. He has a lot of skills with tools God only knows where he learned how to fix electronic stuff any kind of automobile too. He actually fixes cars without getting paid but because he likes helping out people.

That's another thing i'm bless to have from a father like him he gives a lot without getting any thing in return just to see people happy. This past year my father was locked up in jail because they found a big amount of marijuana and put felony charges of possession of a controlled substance.

See the thing here my dad only drives the truck he doesn't have the right to open the back of the truck and that time they caught him he was doing a favor to one of his friends that couldn't take the trip so my dad to help him out said yeah ill do the trip.

But my dad didn't know he was carrying that in the back. And they have no evidence on him and they've been on this case for almost a year he was locked up 6 months.

They gave a choice to my mom either he gets out with a bailbond and gets send back to Mexico or he does more months. My mom wouldn't let that happen his family is here what is he gonna do over there alone. So my mom had to get another lawyer because his boss had paid for wanted him to blame himself guilty and my dad didn't find that right so later we found out that his boss paid that lawyer to leave my dad locked up so he wont fight for anything.

My dad just came out like two months ago and got a job truck driving again but different company. The case hasn't been closed he recently went to court and the judge told him if he says he's guilty hell do five years in jail and if he still says he is not they'll give him a life sentence.

I don't find it fair for my dad to get locked up for something he didn't even know about it wasn't even his truck and i don't know if the lawyer my mom paid for is even trying, and we paid her money we don't have.

My mom had to go begging to every family member for help and banks the lawyer charged us 10,000 dollars to fight for it. Hes my daddy and only man i feel safe with besides my brother but my brother isn't in Laredo he moved to Georgia because hes working in the army serving our country right now. He is an officer at the army.

But yes it would destroy me and my family if my daddy gets locked up. He doesn't know what to do and worst because hes not American citizen and he is scared that because of that they wont be fair with him.

I am just about to enter the university im going to be a freshman and how can i concentrate in school when this is going on. I need help and opinions on what should i do to help my dad. He doesn't know much English either.

I jut pray every night that this case gets solve and my daddy gets free. Its me and my daddy in the picture and the second one is my family with my brother and his wife and my sister on the side with my dad.

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Aug 21, 2012
I am so sorry for your family...But Your Father paid taxes? NEW
by: Anonymous

If your Father paid taxes to this country and you are a U.S. citizen you are entitled to use money now that was taken from his income and put into the education fund portion in your state and government.

My suggestion to you would be for you to move out of the family home so your Mom and Dad are legally not your responsibility as you are 19 now. You will not have to consider their income for any financial aid you can now apply for.

Then go to financial aid on campus and talk with your financial aid counselor about getting a loan for your rent in your new place (hook up with roommates ie..friends, cousins... {no immediate family members} that can help you until the loan comes in) in the meantime get a very part time job. Make sure that the counselor applys for your FAFSA as well this is federal funding that you are entitled to. You can use this funding for up 6 years. (I receive 14,000.00 a year right now not including scholarships) There is Federal Work Study and many scholarships to apply for on campus as well.

The reason why I am first giving info only for you is because if you don't have the freedom to think right you can never help yourself and then you will never be able to help your Father. I am sure he would agree with this.

If you need any other legal information this should be obtained by a LAWYER! Transporting drugs is a very serious crime whether he did it or not he needs a very good lawyer. He will no longer be able to hold his CDL for this charge (for many years) so maybe he can return to work as mechanic.

I am sorry there are these types of cruel people around us and its to late for advice, but a word to the wise...my husband NEVER leaves his pick up spot or drop off spot without thorough inspection inside and out of the truck, for these very reasons.

I hope all will be well for you and your family if you need any other info you can e-mail me at

God Bless you!

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