Taking Steps Toward The Future

by Valerie
(Cleveland, OH)

Life Insurance For Truckers

Life Insurance For Truckers

You know it's funny how if you have faith and listen to God, he'll lead you right where he wants you to be. Actually I'm not a trucker's wife nor did I know anything about truckers until about 3yrs ago I was getting ready for work and saw on the news a trucker that had driven off a local bridge on this cold wintery day.

It struck me hard as this was my route to work and I had always been leery of this bridge. It's free standing open with six lanes, subject to high wind gusts and low visibility.That day I took a different route and have been every since, but from time to time I have to go over the 480 bridge.

Each and every time I have to go over that bridge I think of that trucker's young children because you see that trucker had no savings, no life insurance, no pension set up...not even enough to be buried. The family was devastated, the community was crushed,I cried that day,everyone knows that bridge is dangerous.

I felt somewhat responsible because I'm in the financial services business and I never thought to market my services to truckers because I always assumed that they were taken care of by the companies that they worked for.

Well my life changed that day and I started doing my due diligence and found out that truckers were very underserved as well as an at risk group to insurance companies: lifestyle, health, eating habits, weight issues, sometimes personal history plays a big part in getting approved for life insurance,and a
lot of the good carriers are not taking the risks, furthermore scheduling an exam is tough as the trucker is constantly on the road.

Knowing the time restraints on a trucker I set out to find a carrier that may not require an exam or lab work .. hum is that possible? Well I set out to find out and sure enough I found a top rated insurance company with good rates!

The trucker would have to be a member of the trucker association group(of course); that would qualify the trucker to group rates on other products as well as GUARANTEE ISSUE RATES on life insurance, Wow,that sounded too good to be true- OK what's the catch? Well there are 3 or 4 questions and the association fee is $5 per month, still not bad.

The reason I posted on your site is from experience the women in my client's lives are the one's most likely taking care of business while the man is on the road. Whether you use products on this site or have your own financial services representative, please feel free to contact me with any additional questions or concerns.

Please do not delay starting some kind of Financial Plan to include; health, disability, retirement, life. Ninety percent of the truckers that I have encountered do not have a retirement plan, life insurance or savings account. This is an epidemic all over the country and it's not just in the trucking industry.

I have attached some information that you may find helpful. Click on link for rates, please feel free to contact me.



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