Taking Picture and Pointing Fingers in The TruckStop El Paso Tx

by Hervy
(St. Joseph Mo right now)

At the truckstop. off-duty-not-driving. I see you!

At the truckstop. off-duty-not-driving. I see you!

I was in the sleeper sitting dead center on the bunk working on the website. It was about 5pm on a Tuesday. I had been sitting since and working since about 10am and I needed to get up and walk a bit before I turned into stone.

When I gazed up to mentally prepare for the long walk across the Petro parking lot I notice two guys walking slow and seeming to stare at a particular truck that was still a good distance away from them. They were still a distance from me but they were headed in my direction.

I noticed them but I didn't pay too much attention then even though they were dressed a little preppy for a trucking team but you never know. I went back to working on the website.

I went to work on the computer for a little while longer not wanting to stop because I keep too many thoughts in my head at one time and I knew I would forget most of them if I tried to take a break and come back,

When I got to a better stopping place, I looked up again to be surprised. The two guys were still in view and much closer and definitely looking at that one truck. Not only that they were taking pictures.

Oh the truck was right in front of me.

I saw the two guys that got out of that truck and they weren't the guys.

I didn't know if they could see me or not at the angle I was sitting from slouching plus the fact that they were right in front of the truck.

I sat still so as not to alert them think it might alter
their actions.

They were pointing and taking pictures, first at the tires, then along side the cab. I thought they were working for some safety team or the DOT. I could believe it!

Wow, had things really gotten this bad, their targeting us on the truckstops!

I thought for a second, though this looks awkward there must be some reasonable explanation, why am I thinking the most negative scenario.

Still I jumped from that to worst momentarily....

Wow, maybe the guy owes them some money and they are about to hijack this kid when he comes back. I am about to see some action I thought cause If they don't see me they are going to be surprised when they try to snatch those guys if the only weapon they have is a camera cause I really need some constructive drama.

Finally they left that truck and went to another.

That was it, I couldn't wait anymore....

I got out of the truck and walked up there to them...

"Hey what are you guys doing out here with camera and messing with people's trucks?", I asked.

The seemed startled, (My adrenaline was going, so there is no telling how I came off) when they replied we work at the blue beacon and every now and then we walk over and see what kind of job the guys did.

We take pictures so that we can use it for training when we have meetings with them about the job we are doing and where we might need improving.

LOL, I was disappointed and happy at the same time.

Funny how things aren't what they seems sometimes.

Who knew the Blue Beacon were so concerned, and yall call it the streakn beacon

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Are you sure???
by: Anonymous

I think I would've been just as concerned....and I find it hard to believe that Blue Beacon folks would be just walking the lot like that.

Honestly, you probably kept someone from being robbed or there was some other activity going on....so sad, but so very possible these days - even within a truckstop.

by: Thomas

Did you get them on video? On YouTube!!

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