by Sunny

I'm Sunny. My husband has recently become a truck driver, and is gone for months on end. It's pretty hard, eh?

Anyway, I'm 28, no children, sadly--but I have enough fun with my own mental and physical abilities. Ya gotta pay the doctor bills!

Anyway, life is tough, but I can't imagine just leaving someone who is providing for me, so no worries there. :) We've been married for three years---I don't plan on giving up on him just because he's away a lot. He means more to me than that.

I think I'm handling it better than my husband. It's hard not to remind him of home, I think. But, I'm a Michigander, and I can take care of myself when needed.

I'm not really afraid of my husband being a trucker. The idea seems somewhat silly. Granted, I have OCD. I just miss him. I don't need anything else to prove to me that my husband loves me---why should I need more assurance?

My problem is still getting to sleep at night. It's like that big hole right there. Any tips on that? I feel like I should (ridiculously) go to the store, and buy pillows and tie them together. How does everyone else handle that?

Well, I'm tired, so, good night, now.

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Sep 28, 2012
Computer NEW
by: Anonymous

My computer sleeps next to me on a table. Whenever I wake up I can turn it on and do as I please, when I am tired of it I can turn it off! So I guess I have become attached to my computer in a sense. At least it's not another guy right! So I don't have any desire to cheat, because I fell in love with my computer. So when my trucker guy comes home, I put my computer away and it doesn't bother me or get mad and cause me trouble. So I say that's how I deal with it and that's what works for me! :)

Hope this helps!

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