by Steve
(Roanoke VA)

49 YO, thinking of a new career. Worked in the Auto Repair Industry for many many years. Moved from Az to Va 6 months ago. Last 6 years in AZ worked at a GMC dealership. Got into the managerment side of the house while i was there. Warranty Administrator/Cashier.

Yeah I had my hands on everything in the dealership.
Was cool, enjoyed it, worked with some really cool people.
Time for a Change, the job market as well as the rest of the country SUCKS here in VA.
A bunch of resumes a few interviews..NOTHING.
Live close to I-81 here. WOW, easily 100s of a truck a day go by. Even applied at the local TA Center here, "not at this time"
Why i started to think about Driving.
Hell of a carrer change.
***Was looking into and applied to the CR England school in TX, yall ! HAHA ***
Waiting on a reply.
Thanks for havin' me here. Any advise for a newbie drive like me.I got open ears, why this site Kicks Ass. Way Cool information.
I'm a US NAVY vet 79-92, incase there are a few vets out there.

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Nov 01, 2009
by: SteveO

Been Pullin a Hopper for the last 3.5 months.
Man what a pun intended.

Some days it is the BEST JOB in the world( Hot cup of Coffee, sun shinin', have the radio blasting, no one on the road)....other days are like "Holy Crap, what did i get into".HAHAHAHAHA
Dispatcher pushes hard...have to get those loads going.
(2500 miles last week.)

AK to Ca..back to Wi, down to AK...over to TX north to Ne and finally got a restart here in NE.
Will take off late this afternoon and run down to MO. Off-load first thing in the AM.

Other than Cleaning out the Hopper in 100 degree weather, getting stuck in a Clay Pit in WY, water-pump by-pass hose cracking and a 600.00 repair, life on the road has been good.
Have to stay POSITIVE!!

The good things far out-weight the Crappy !!!

Oct 31, 2009
SteveO is now trucking for an owner operator
by: Hervy

SteveO has been driving for an owner operator from out west for a few months now. I'll see if Jimmy can get him to log on and give us an update on situation.

I understand he's running pretty hard!

Jun 01, 2009
by: SteveO

Finishing up here in Kingman with "SAGE" School.
Classroom instruction -13 days now nothing but driving.

Got my tanker and doubles on my permit.
Hoping to test out this thur/fri.

May 31, 2009
SteveO is Still a Soldier
by: Hervy

What's up SteveO,

Took a while for me to respond I know, thank God for Jimmy. I-81 is now as busy as I-95 with trucks anyway.

Hear your in school now, and soon to be trucking, congratulations. Countdown to the big road now. Hope everything is going well with you. Look forward to catching up with you on the road.

Good thing you let the soldier can do attitude shine until you got er done.


Mar 03, 2009
The Past
by: SteveO

Yes, I've had 2.
Have a interview this afternoon but the job has nothing to do with trucking....need a job RIGHT?

Mar 02, 2009
SteveO is irritated
by: Jimmy

Damn it son, that stuff is coming back to haunt you. But don't give up just yet. March forward. Have you had jobs since leaving Az? A rule of thumb when considering a new applicant is no more than 10 jobs in 10 years. Don't give up. 1000's of trucking companies out there. Jimmy

Mar 02, 2009
Denied by CR England !!!!!!!!
by: Steve

From: Debbie Roark (
Sent: Mon 3/02/09 2:19 PM
To: SteveO (

I am sorry but your application was not accepted at this time.
What the HEll....????????
Was honest told em' i had 2 DUIs' over 25 years ago and a Disorderly Conduct 9 years ago and look what happens.
No trouble What so Ever in the last 9 years!
Bummin' Steve

Mar 01, 2009
its there ya just gotta look
by: keith

Hey SteveO,i agree with what Jimmy says,jobs are out there ya just gotta look,the problem ya gonna have today is lot of companies that used to hire straight outta school are now looking for experienced drivers only,CR England is good company,got a buddy that works for them,but like Jimmie said,they gonna want a commitment.

Once ya get on somewhere stick with it,ride out the slow times and it will come back. Companies like to see longevity on your resume. Job jumpers don't get the chances others with longer tenior do. Stick with it though,its a great career,and don't worry,lol trucks wont ever stop rollin,so the jobs will always be there

Feb 28, 2009
Steve's thinkin' about a career change.
by: Jimmy

Well Steve, you're doing the right thing, asking questions, and hanging around truckers websites etc. Trucking is also affected by the economy and many companies aren't hiring. But many are, so don't get discouraged as you call around.

A lot of truckers are bailing because of a slow down in freight business, so there are openings out there. But they head home and find that no one is hiring either and are sorry they left.

The trucking companies need to stay in business and balance the number of trucks available with the number of drivers that need to make a living. Consequently, most drivers are working, but not making any real money. They are waiting a day or two in between loads. And when you sit a day or two in some far off city, your mind wanders and you want to go where the grass is greener, or so you think.

If you can get trained at a community college, you will save some money vs a truck school or a trucking company school. The trucking company school will deduct from your check and want a commitment for 1 year to work there. And if you bail sooner, they come after you for the balance.

Good luck, Jimmy

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