States looking for increasing their revenue, truckers beware

by Lynn
(Plymouth,WA, USA)

I've been hearing rumblings thru a lot of different channels. But seeing it makes it real. I'm seeing smokies sitting with radar all over the place.

The states, faced with deficits, have been looking for ways to increase their revenue. The law enforcement in all states seem to be more vigilant, writing more tickets, giving less warnings. Oregon, Washington, and a few more have put the word out...No more speeding. I'd heard that they will write you up for any amount over the speed limit. For truckers, this will mean alot of lost funds, points on their CDL's and driving record. And the states know that a truck driver is more inclined to pay the ticket...Not because he wants to, but because he can't be guaranteed a load back thru that area, on the court date. And lets not even get on the subject of Oregon's "Safety Corridors"..Another fancy name for speed trap.

Anyway, we, as truckers will have to be vigilant, both on the road, and in the scale house.

Do those Inspections, and do em right.
Keep that log book UP.
Drive the speed limit, whether your gonna be late or not.
Those tickets DO NOT PENCIL OUT..ever. They cost you more than you make while your breaking the law.

Good Luck out there...keep it real, keep it safe.


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