St Louis Missouri Travis Johnson

by Travis Johnson 636 751 8497
( St Louis Missouri)

Grew up on a farm I drove my whole life .- 2014 got my CDL Class A. drove for usa truck for about 6 months never got home was out as much as 12 weeks the shortest was about 4 weeks and was only home for 2 days each time. I wasn't making any money as well only get paid loaded miles didn't get paid any miles if I had to take one of their broken down trucks or trailers to a shop went back to my old job in August of 2014 which is a landscaper in St Louis Doing hardscaping retaining walls concrete patios and lots of other concrete and stone related items on day 3 of returning to my old job I was hit by a car in a construction zone I was out of work for a year and had a reconstructive right shoulder I have returned back to work August 19th of 2015 one year later my shoulder is struggling to keep up with this physical labor. it is January 2016 work is slow I had to take a job jacking up houses running a jackhammer my shoulder is done. And cant keep up full time I need part time driving job asap. extreme physical labor situations is what I grew up with. But as a truck driver I still can be outdoors and provide for myself as well as my family. I got burned by big corporations once before. but if I could find work right now in the right environment with a personal relation with the owner operater and can get help when im at my lowest and need a career change asap. In return if things work out and my injury settlement is finally here I would like to invest back into the company or the individual that help me. I'm a man I'm a man of my word I need help feeding and providing for myself right now I love my family all I wanna do is work due to the accident I have trouble with extreme work extreme labor and laws prevent me from assistance. My case is waiting on litigation from a judge. At this time I cant stay on this path untill then but cant starve until case settles either.I want to drive and I can physically do that and i enjoy it. Can start as soon as possible and when everything is settled with my case I can invest back in to expand. but right now I need to work and need help im hungry and borderline homeless my wife is a nurse's aid and we would be willing to travel its just us two. You give me a chance and work ill help you grow and be your business partner and help do more than survive but thrive at this time thats my situation and all I can say I believe in honesy and thats the truth.

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