spread the this message!!!

by mad jack

Hey All Truckers. Please help fight to lower these outrageous GAS prices!!! If all truckers,trucking companies,independant truckers please we should all refuse to haul-ship-load-deliver-pick up nothing until the greedy govt. Absolutly lowers the price of GAS!!!

IF all truckers and trucking companies do not work for a few days2-3 that will shut down the world without trucks!!!

Nothing gets done without trucks!!!

If we all sacrafice a strike or shut down and a little pay for a few days to save major money and trucking jobs in the long run I think it is worth it!!!

If we all shut down until the price of gas is lowered permanently to an affordable prices for Diesel and unleaded auto like (Diesel $1.50-2.00 Max!!! Per Gal.) Auto unleaded 91 Octane ($1.50 Max!!! Pre Gal.) 89 Octane ($1.35 Max!!! Per Gal.) 87 Octane ($1.25 Max!!! Per Gal.)

Please let's shut down trucking and the world to fight to lower gas and oil price gouging and show the govt. This will (NOT EVER BE TOLERATED!!!) and we will (NEVER LET THIS HAPPEN AGAIN!!!)


Response: I don't think this call to action is going to do the trick Jack

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