Southern, WV experienced truck driver looking for a job driving

by Richard B.
(Charleston, WV )

I'm an experienced driver down on my luck. I have had the opportunity to learn a lot of aspects in the business, in just seven an a half years.

I didn't go to driving school, I had real on the job training. I trained to drive tractor trailer in the southern WV gas/oil fields. I trained and then worked hauling on some of the most demanding roads and conditions in the eastern US.

My jobs were to move drill rig setups, dozers, skidders, water trucks, frac tanks, supply trailers, etc.

I hauled pipe to mountain top locations on mountain side logging roads, usually with the help of dozers and skidders.

Long nonstop hours, catching a nap here and there in a daycab truck. In this field, weather conditions were not a factor, no matter how much snow you still go. Very tight time constraints.

I have experience hauling coal, in this area of the state at the extended weight limit, #126,000lb. gross.

I again have experience rigging and trucking specialized heavy equipment. I have tons of flatbed & step deck experience. I have been an owner operator for 2 years.

Mechanic experience, very anal about taking care of my rig, and helping with repairs and maintenance. I have a perfect driving record, never (yet) been involved in a trucking accident.

I'm married with one young son, and a homeowner. I am very alcohol & drug free. I am 31yr old. Five ft. ten in. 200lbs, very agile and well groomed.

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