Should there be a National Trucker Day?

by American Trucker

Just take one day out of the year have national trucker day.

Lets say it is October 19th. An spread it around.

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Jul 29, 2015
Great article NEW
by: Hackney

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Apr 27, 2013
actual date NEW
by: longtoes

should be either october 4th (10/4)

or aug 24....the day covoy was released in 1978

Jul 29, 2012
Trucking/Truckers and Family Commitment NEW
by: John Bierman

Yes,there should be a national Trucker Day.I did it for 29 yrs.till health problems pushed me out and I could no longer pass the DOT/FMCSA medical physical.Many of us have sacrificed alot of Family obligations to move fraight and keep the country moving.I have 2-boys in there late 20's and early 30's,that hold it against me for not being home as a family,as much as they wanted me to be there.But the U.S.A.needs to move forward,and money must be made to support your family.I hear of all kinds of programs all the time to help the American Farmer,but nothing to help the american trucker,who moves there product to market,and to the U.S.consumer.Being from Wisc.they have whats called June Dairy Month,but I have never heard a word about trucks moving there product to the consumer.I beleave there should be a National Trucker Day on the same day as a National Farmers Day,and it should be on every Calender acroose The U.S.A.The general public dont have a clue what it takes for them to beable to buy what they want !

Sep 29, 2011
National Trucker Day
by: AJ

Well it sort of exists... 10/4 Good Buddy.

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