Should I wait on dot physical if I smoked weed 2 weeks ago

by Shawn thompson

So here it is,I want to apply for a trucking career ,I haven't smoked weed in two weeks,I'm on a prescription for adderall ,and noticed the pre qualification is hair and urine test.

Should I wait 90 days to clear up,cut my hair short or what ? Do you get a pass for not smoking weed for a month versus hair showing you have used. I wanna career in trucking I don't wanna screw this up

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Oct 12, 2016
Stupid pot smoker
by: Anonymous

No, you should find another line of work such as being a janitor..our job is hard enough without have to worry about you being high while driving...FREAKING MORON

Jun 15, 2016
are your intentions
by: Anonymous

Based on driving as a professional Class A driver while being a pot-head?

You expect us long-timers to help you with that as if we know all the tricks or something?

We take our jobs ad professional drivers very seriously. We make sacrifices in order to make this happen

Its a long-time career choice, 24/7

Get your shit together or find another profession.

Peoples lives are at stake out here...and yours will be too.

I'm sick of these doper questions.

You guys aren't truckdrivers

Not even close

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