Should I get Class A or Class B for part time driving jobs

by Tracy Taylor
(Atlanta, Ga.)

I will be attending a CDL school program very soon. I am willing to get on the road to get my driving experience (no matter how many months needed).

Money is not the most important thing to me. I care about proper training and safety, good equipment, and respectful communication between all involved.

But after getting experience, I am only looking for part time work.

Can someone please give me advice on which route to go?

Class A or Class B?

Where Do I look for Jobs?

Thank you so much

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Nov 13, 2019
Part Time Driver NEW
by: Anonymous


I'm from Canada and got my class 1 (A) and it took me over a year to find a permanent position driving professionally. If you only want to work part time as a professional driver I would recommend driving full time for at least a year to gain experience and then seek part time. Just food for thought. Good luck!!

Nov 13, 2019
Class A Will Cover Class B
by: Hervy

If you get a class a you can drive B vehicle but you can't drive a Class A with a Class B license so I say get the A.

As far as options, more than likely you will find a part time Class B before finding a Class A job.

If you know for sure you will never want to drive a tractor trailer then just get the class B.

As far as looking for job, the typical places.

Craigslists, be careful and screen/research the companies behind the posts.
Local employment paper (Ours is always at the supermarket)
Employment security commission
Google search
Stop at your nearest truckstop and get the trucker jobs magazines too. Some straight truck outfits advertise there.

And if there is a company near you or in a location you would like to work from, don't hesitate to go in and ask if they need drivers part time. (Assuming you see straight trucks there)
Choosing a trucking company

Best of luck on your journey into trucking.

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