Scared and confused soon to be truckers wife

by Cathy
(Sheboygan wi)

My fiancé has been working for this new company for a couple months now. Things were going great for a while but not so much now. For the last couple weeks he has been acting really strange. He never has anything to say.

He won't talk to me bout how he's feeling he never answers his phone and when he does it's hours later he tells me he was charging his phone but why would he shut it off for 3 hours?

Is it just me or could he be cheating? Our relationship seems fine when he's home he helps around the house and he always wants to have sex.

Another thing is he's always on the computer when he's home but only after I'm asleep plus he never takes a phone call in the house and always texting someone but won't say who.

What do I do?

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Jan 30, 2014
My Opinion NEW
by: Truckergirlfriend

First off congratulations on your engagement! :) I have been with my boyfriend for a while now, and keep bringing up the thought of engagement/marriage but he doesn't seem ready can be frustrating at times, but I am just enjoying what we do have right now!

In my experience/opinion, trust and communication are the foundations of a strong and healthy relationship. Marriage is a big commitment and should not be taken lightly. If you have any doubts, you should try to figure them out BEFORE you get married.
It's important to trust your fiance, I know that sometimes while on the road there is so much going on, that when his phone is turned off my boyfriend forgets to turn his back on--try not to read too much into everything.

Just something to think about:
Is it possible that he is only on the computer when you are sleeping, bc he wants to spend his waking moments with you when he is home?
Is it possible that he is being 'secretive' about something because he is planning some type of surprise for you (bday/holiday/something for the wedding/soemthing for the honeymoon)?
PLEASE DON'T take this as me making excuses for him, I just know that sometimes I jump to conclusions, when there is NOTHING really going on.

My main point is--make sure you have trust and good communication with each other. It will save you lots of problems in the future. Wish you the best with everything! :)

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