San Antonio, TX with more than 3 yrs experience.

by Marcus
(San Antonio,TX )

Been driving OTR for three years. Started with Stevens Transport in 2014 did owner operator for a year.

Moved on to and independent owner operator in 2015 it was a great opportunity until the trucks kept breaking down and my pay went from great to pitiful.

I moved on to another company and became owner operator in 2016 and the truck I leased was through another driver for the company.

I repaired the truck as much as I could until four months later I returned it because it was too much to maintain. I went to work with Navajo and it was just a disaster.

I worked 8 months and dealt with some of the worst managed companies in my working career. Right now I'm just looking for a part time driving job with an owner operator to help fill in. I'm currently trying to finish a college course in the medical field.

I hope there's an opportunity for me to succeed.

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