San Antonio, TX Beth A experienced trucker preparing for the road again offers and advice welcome

by Beth Ainsworth
(San Antonio, TX, US)

I am trying to get back into trucking and am having a little trouble. I just need a brush up on new CSA 2010 rules.

Quick learner who loved my time in the rig. No drinking or drug history EVER. Quick learner. From a long line of drivers. Yes I am a woman but impressed many men with my backing skills. I have great spatial relations and can quickly judge speed and distance. Just looking for a chance to prove myself.

Have been studying for hazmat and tankers since there are so many jobs in my area for this, but would also love to talk to a driver with these to get the reality version of how this works.

Any advice or comments welcomed.

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Sep 03, 2011
How do you get a copy of your record
by: Beth A

I have no idea what is on my record. Sure I think a few things may be there but how long do they stay. How do I find out my points and when they will fall off.

Sep 03, 2011
CSA help 4 u
by: Anonymous

I recently took and pass the CDL test.For me it. Was easy having eight years of tanker experience as well as dipatch in my history. Get all of ur endorsements especillay Tanker and Hazmat and I wouldn't leave out Triles and Doubles as well. When a company is looking at you, if you have an X endorsement it puts you in the HiRE stack. Not saying its a sure thing but it helps. CSA2010n let's give you the highlights, 14 hour rule is the rule most often broken, its easy if you do this one thing, wheen you start your day, count 14 hours and put a mark, don't drive once you reach that mark in ur book untill u have had a ten hour break. The rest really is about you score which the company has to take on now for three years if they hire you which is why you don't want to have anuthing negetive on you record.

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