Running the AC

by Malinda

My husband is a fleet driver and his truck won't idle while he's in the rack.. Any ideas? What's the best way to run a small AC unit?

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Jul 01, 2013
idle NEW
by: old timer

all trucks will idle but you should not. my truck runs all the time when I sleep bump the cruise to 1000 rpm engage engine fan or ac on high,if the truck is equipped with anti idle control simply release tractor brakes and set trailer brakes this will stop motor from shutting down,if cruise will not set use bungee cord or stick on peddle to idle up,never idle and run a.c. always bump up and fan on if possible,idleing causes slobbering into turbo, idle up to 1000 rpm so oil circulates through out engine,blue smoke means oil is not returning to pan from turbo due to lack of oil pressure.good luck.

Jun 24, 2013
air conditioning NEW
by: Anonymous

I would sleep in the reefer at 55 degrees

Apr 28, 2013
Has he asked about the truck NEW
by: NickV

Some of the trucks now days have a added feature which is really annoying but it dies and fires on its own. I forget the name but you have to know how to set the truck up to do it. Its a series of steps. Once it is locked into this idle state it will fire up, cool the truck to the setting you have it at and then die. Just like your ac at home when it gets down to a certain temp the engine will fire and so on. This is a new feature to keep trucks from running all night but it really takes some getting use to while your sound asleep your truck randomly starting and shaking. I would ask the company but Hervy is correct if they arent allowing your driver to sleep comfortably thats not right. Good Luck and I wish yall the best. I had to live in a truck with no ac for a month in the summer and it was absolutly miserable

Apr 24, 2013
AC troubles NEW
by: Hervy

Malinda if I were him, I would take it to the shop. If you asking about installing an AC in the truck, he is likely not allowed to unless the truck is his.

He could ask the shop that also.

If you don't mind, let us know what caused this issue with the idling.

I am wondering if it is set up that way to conserve fuel and they expect the driver not to run the truck if they are not driving. This would be very sad if it is the case and I would like to warn drivers about that company.


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