roy silva located east schoday ny

by roy silva
(upstate ny east schodak)

got out of cdl school last oct and passed my road test. took a one hundred sixty eight hour program. after graduation very quickly got three endorsements tanker, doubles and triples, haZ MATT....went to work hauling fuel oil, and home heating oil local, owner turned out to be a jerk and I got fired for having to go in the hospital for surgery.

I am in my mid fifties and basically? I am done. looking for someone with a rig that wouldnt mind sharing driving duties so I can get that extra experience I need with out having to suffer the abuses of the huge corporations so many of my friends and colleagues out here endure..Its all the NWO and I am positively not down with it and well aware of the deceptions and agenda so prevalent today.

So if you have any part time work or need help for one reason or another let me know, very interested, I am in upstate Ny...hope to hear from you..
sincerely roy silva chingroy AT for contact or 9783049967

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