by Roslan Abdul Rahim

Hi, I am from Malaysia currently am working as Transport Manager with an Australian Trucking Company. I have a huge passion with big trucks since i was very young..remember BJ and the bear TV show? I have a full fledge big truck license and had some experience driving truck across my country those days.

I am impressed with new hi tech what new model trucks having especially on the truck monitoring system, fuel management, ergonomic to name a few. The most dream trucks model in my mind are always Kenworth and Mack.

Watching road train videos in the you tube is my hobby in free time.

However, something i learn while my role as a transport manager is the significant to have professional drivers on the road. Drivers must always have pride with their profession because they are the important people who drive the nation economic...

Well that's for the beginning..loking forward to read the real life of the truckers around the world. Cheers

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