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My husband has been in his career for 32 years. Last month he came to me and said he wanted to be a truck driver. I almost fell over. I have never known a trucker. He leaves for his training in 10 days and he is scared to death of the unknown.

He has done a lot of research and really feels this is the adventure he would like to pursue. I am trying to be supportive because I want him to be happy. BUT what about us?????

I'm feeling alone already because I will not be in his world any longer. I'm trying to be positive but just not sure this is how I wanted to live my 50's.

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May 10, 2014
Making it Work NEW
by: Hervy

You first have to give up the idea that you will no longer be in his life.

Instead......Think about HOW YOU CAN continue to be in his life in spite of him being away on the road.

There are good posts and advice here to help you with ideas. Of course, calling and text but also skype, facetime or other video calls.

Jennifer talks about mapping his locations on a wall map together with his kids. How to be a loving truckers wife
Also, take a look at this post by a happy truckers wife. Some good advice.
How To Maintain a Relationship
On this page along with for tips is a pdf that could help bring you closer
Tips for being away from each other

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