Right Move Recruiting

by Cheryl Webb
(Port Richey, Fl)

I have been in this business well over 30 years.

I was a driver for 17 years of it until I got out of the truck in 2000.

From there I went to work at an Intermodal shipping company in Tampa Florida, when they closed in 2005, I got a position as a billing manager at a food distributor for meals on wheels in which they also did military surplus meals and hurricane relief foods.

I was there until 2010 and was forced into retirement due to a severe bite by a brown recluse spider. After a year, I was offered a job recruiting truck drivers and have been doing this ever since.

I love what I do and I let drivers know right from the start that they will hear nothing but the truth from me because stretching the offer of a job is something I wouldn't and didn't stand for when I was driving. Tell it true the first time and you won't have to repeat yourself.
I work for many types of companies, large medium and small. Flat, dry van, refrigerated, Intermodal, tanker and car carriers.

I work with all types of drivers, students, trainees, seasoned, teams, solos. Depending on the situation, I work with felons. If I can't place you, I'll send you to someone else. If you have completed the SAP program, I have some companies that will take your certificate.
Its easy for me because I know first hand what drivers go through.

This is my story if you want to hear more of how I got into the trucking industry, just ask.
There is life after trucking!

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