richard dye

by richard dye
(riverdale ga)

It's really not that much to tell, i was young and dumb making wrong decisions that pretty much cost me my life in a major way, and i been paying for it every since. what i dont understand when you make a mistake then you learn from it and move on, why, do they still hold it over your head.

I payed my debt back to society, especially when you haven't been charged with more serious offense.

Now dont get me wrong, i dont knock those ones neither, everybody makes they're choice. That's what we all have been blessed with.

Me, I am dying for a second chance to prove to myself that i'm not a failure, but it seems like every time i get out there and fill out those applications once they find out about that felony they find a way under the guildlines on why they can't hire you.

Anyway, on to, can someone PLEASE help me.......

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