by Dick
(Los Angeles)

Overall they are a good company to work for; however, they do not pay very well. For me, there is also issues with their overall scoring system for bonuses.

I feel hobbled to be able to get enough miles to make a meager wage and to be able to keep delivery deadlines. For the amount of time you put in, I think it comes out to be between $3 - $5 an hour.

They start you out at .32 cents a mile but that is broken down per-diem and a very complicated pay structure. It is not just a plain .32 cents a mile.

They treat their people well, but there is always the underlying untruth with some issues. The benefits are good as well.

For a person who is just starting out, I don't think you will find a better place to start. They will send you to school, pay for your license and train you some more in exchange for a year of service.

That year is also getting experience. They have a lot of people who stick with them.

Other than the pay issue and some of the restrictions on driving, I give them a thumbs-up.

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Feb 12, 2017
Thanks for sharing your experience
by: Hervy

Thanks for taking the time to share your experience at Schneider National

Mar 10, 2016
Love schneider - Benefits are excellent
by: Anonymous

Like any trucking company that first year you are still basicly learning the ropes.

My first year yes the pay was not all that great, but they limit miles so as not to exhaust a driver to the point of an accident.

First year I avged between 500 to 700 a week. 2nd year it was 800 to 1000. Benefits are excellent and they treat drivers with respect. Keep in mind that's with the short week for home time of 3 to 5 days.

As for the training best in the business and they continue training quarterly.

If you were not making much it may have been your ability to trip plan accurately.

Mar 10, 2016
experience with schneider
by: Hervy

Thanks for sharing your experience at Schneider. Especially for stating why you feel the way you do about them. Too many people just say good, bad, love, hate them (them being the trucking company) and don't say WHY they feel the way that they do.

A post like yours give people something they can use for consideration.

If seems that the issue you have though might be addressable by changing dispatchers. Will they allow you to do that? Seems like a problem with his/her load coordination skills OR... they have a lot of customers that just cause you to spend a lot of time waiting, which is a problem in the industry as well.

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