Retired Texas marine in trucking driving school

by Lou V

I am currently attending Lone Star Truck driving school and I am into my third week of training. We are learning to back up in a straight line for a day. I did quite well as I have some experience driving Hot shot for an owner operator (3500 Dodge with 45 foot trailer) but it became too strenuous in meeting demands. He just ran me too hard and long. Not the driver per say but the broker.

I am going to school now and I was a little hesitant whether this was actually going to fit my needs. This will be my second career. I am a disabled Marine therefore I consider myself loyal, confident and a good person. I Love God Country and family. I am not young. I will be 50 in January. Not an old goat either. 50 is the new 30.
This website has me excited again about being a CDL Over the road driver. You may have to train me over the road to get things done your way, but i have confidence in myself. I want to get on the road and help make us both some of he green stuff.

What would be great is to find someone who is level headed and not a control freak. I am not about getting over on anyone. I believe in Karma. What come around goes around. Let's be great friends and great partners and make this thing work for the both of us.

I am a retired Marine and my experience as a diesel mechanic along with a Class B CDL I once had for 20 plus years as a driver.

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