question about work experience

by ajssuperman

Hi ,

first of all I would like to say that I really like your site , it has helped me get a lot of information on trucking , on top of that its straight forward to the point and never gets boring.

Now about my situation , I really want to get into trucking , I have a spotless driving record since I got my license and am 26 years old. I have no felonies . but I have been running into trouble as I have no work history. I talked to a few companies and they said I should get a job and re apply after 3 years!

I have been working since 2007 but I was working from home and was trading stocks , as you know that all went south and I dont have tax records after 2007 to prove I was still working ( I never made enough and didn't file my dad filed with me as a dependent ).

Is there anyway for me to get into trucking without wasting 3 years on some low paying job? I would rather spend those 3 years on a career.

thanks for all your help.

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