Question about a ticket going against your license

by chellz

I got stopped in Texas the other day and received a warning for not wearing a seatbelt and a warning for one of the trailer tires being under 2/32.. My question is, is the warning going to effect my csa score on my license where it was just a warning?

It does say on the ticket that I admitted to not having the seatbelt on...he knew I was not wearing it so there was no denying it and I knew he was not going to fine me. I didn't think that it was that big of a deal because it was just a warning until I got back to the terminal and the saftey guy freaked out... I don't know if he just did that because I am a new driver or if it really is a big deal..

Thank you

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Jun 15, 2011
by: chellz

Well I really hope that it does not go against me..and I have been wearing my seatbelt since then, but I still disagree with it because no one is going to get injured or killed because I chose not to wear my seatbelt.. I feel it should be my own decision, but for the time being since I am a new driver I will wear it.

Jun 14, 2011
by: Anonymous

i got a tkt once in wa.state for doing a pretrip. i told them i will always do a pretrip and a post trip no matter what they say. if my truck is not road worthy it does not go on the road. if a driver took a unsafe truck on the road and hurt or killed my family how do you think i would feel about that ? so i make shure my truck is safe for yours and would hope the next driver would do the same for me. it still cost me a 100 bucks. so any time before before you pull out just doubble check and make shure that your mental checklist is complete.just like backing into a hole, take a extra min. or two it can save your ass!
and if something doesnt sound right or your not shure ask around and do a little homework. just

Jun 14, 2011
do some homework with your dmv
by: Anonymous

21 points ??? wtf. that doesnt even sound right. here in nv. 12 pts. is suspendtion. one theres no way one tkt is 21 pts. what kind of point system do you have in your stste ?

Jun 14, 2011
CSA points
by: Rolly Polly

I hope you're right about warnings not effecting csa points because I got a warning for not having my bol# on my log book & for being in the wrong lane. My job told me that it in fact did count against me...21 points...

What's worse is, let's say you get a ticket & you get the ticket dismissed POINTS STILL GO AGAINST YOU. I may have been misinformed but that's what my job told me...

Jun 14, 2011
your OK
by: Anonymous

like you said, it's just a warning and will not affect your score. But.. not wearing a seatbelt in a Commercial vehicle is a felony. logbook violations are also felonys. so just be careful it is your career.

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