Puerto Rican and a trucker

by Lisandra Miller
(Mishawaka, IN)

I am 39 years old and have 8 kids. I am the wife of a very handsome hunk of a trucker named Brett. I am Puerto Rican and he is a white man. lol

He is a hottie, yes I know I'm his wife and would think that but people usually can't believe he is a trucker.

My husband is an owner-operator. He is leased to T & T Farms. Which is a farming and trucking company. He has been driving for about 10 years.

He is usually home every weekend but lately due to the economy he is gone two weeks at a time and sometimes three.

We have a blended family. I came into this with four kids (Alexandra, Tevin, Jalen, Adrianna), he came into this with two (Madalyn and Emma) and together we have two (Ava and Dylan).

We have been married for 5 1/2 years now. Our relationship is very close and we do well handling our time apart. Parenting is a challenge. But finances is the worst. Making this work financially has been a challenge for 5 years now.

Our future plans are to raise our children and then I am going to hit the road with him. (so he says)This plan won't happen for another 18 years. :(

He enjoys trucking. Loves the traveling, doesn't mind the work, but misses us very much.

Would love to find some friends who understand what it's like to live this life of trucking.

My goal with the new year is to help our family become financially stable, closer in our relationships, become more organized and run smoother.

ANY advice and encouragement from women who know what this life is like would be great!

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