Preston/Yellow/Roadway/New penn

by BIll W

110 all the way...... both Local and OTR .. stayed at top shelf hotels never had a cold shower... g/l NON-Union Boys Retired at 50.....full beni's

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Nov 15, 2010
Preston/Yellow/Roadway/New penn
by: Dennis Shipman

Yep. Very true. I used to pull for New Penn. I was the youngest road driver out of the Trenton terminal. This was close to twenty years ago, and the top guys there at the list were pulling down $60k to $70/annum.

Those days are long gone, though. Hoffa has compromised the Master Freight Agreement with give backs to the point of virtually emasculating it.

So, the days of $100/annum union drivers will shortly go the way of the dinosaur sorry to say.

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