Petro Burnout

by Matt Davis
(Thunder Bay)

I go trucking with my grandpa sometimes and we stopped for fuel at a Petro Canada. If you are familiar with them you know they have car stations and truck stops. Well we stopped at a car one on Highway 102 in Thunder Bay because we were at a 1/4 tank left. We have the smallest tanks you can get on the truck, so we come there and there's a camper with a diesel pickup sitting on the roadside diesel pumps.

We wait a bit then go to the other side. While we backed up the straight truck he has (without his pup which would be impossible to turn around in there) a lady with her daughter fly around us, do a U turn and park right in front of us at the gas pump- the wrong way.

Gramps hit the brakes and she honked the horn and did a burnout for 2 metres with her minivan and parks down at the Safeways right next door. We start fuelling just as the camper starts to leave. The guy forgot to close his tank cap and was pulling out just as I ran over and told him his tank cap was open. We fuelled one tank up and went inside to pay for give or take $350 CAD of fuel.

The kid inside was laughing so hard at the lady that we had to wait for him about ten minutes to calm down. Gramps said that that lady was more mad because she parked the wrong way at the the pumps. We left with suprisingly no fingers in the air.

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