Perkins Specialized Transportation Noblesville IN

by Donte Russo
(Gainesville GA)

Are advertising for lease purchase truck drivers they then bring them to IN and sign them up with their lease purchase trucks. Once these drivers start working for them they never receive a pay check, there have been many drivers who have seen no payment for any work for months, they give the drivers $250.00 advance a week that’s all. People are being mislead about their questionable lease program and are being scammed. They then threaten to put erroneous information on the drivers D.A.C. report if they quit their lease. I would like to know which agency that can look in to this matter as many people are suffering due to this alleged scam.

Thank you

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May 26, 2015
Truckers Nightmare NEW
by: Anonymous

I had the unfortunate pleasure of once being employed by this company. It took some time, but the true nature of the operation came to light. This Lease-Purchase thing just didn't add up to me. I just figured maybe I didn't understand it. I could not see how drivers could get ahead when they stated out already in debt. Even the Owner-Operators saw this. Trust me, the office staff was treated just as "smoothly" as the drivers. I was so glad to leave the employment of this company.

Aug 16, 2012
Perkins is out of Business NEW
by: Ticked Off at rip offs!

Perkins is out of Business thank god but not after the finale screw to their drivers! all lost. Better check you DAC report if you ever worked for them!

Dec 07, 2011
Fraudulent Lease-to-Own Perkins Specialized NEW
by: Anonymous

Drivers beware, let this be a warning to all drivers looking for a lease purchase or company driver job-- Do Not WASTE YOUR TIME, YOUR FAMILY WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR THE FINANCIAL MESS YOU WILL BE IN IF YOU BELIEVE THE AD THE PERKINS RECRUITERS ARE SELLING! They want you around long enough for their profit, and after that you'll realize you're broker than you started. The care nothing about you or your family because they know about 4 more fools will show up every week to try that so called "Lease". I call it organized modern day slavery. It's illegal and now the word is out. Why would any driver take the time out of his busy schedule to post these comments,because we are tired of these companies treating people this way and think they won't pay

Sep 12, 2011
Perkins Specialized Transportation Noblesville IN
by: Anonymous

Perkins Specialized Transportation Noblesville IN, I can not believe these crooks are still getting driver to come to them to get ripped off?

Jul 10, 2011
Perkins Specialized Transportation Noblesville IN
by: Arminius

I can not believe what Perkins is getting away with. how are they still in business are pepole so fooled so easily? God help us

May 14, 2011
Perkins Fraud
by: Anonymous

Perkins is a Fraud and they have their staff go to trucking web sites in an attempt to cover up all the bad reports on them. They should be criminally investigated, as they defraud new people each week and do not pay their drivers anything for months at a time.

Jan 12, 2011
Perkins Logistics Noblesville IN
by: J Levey

This company is well known for its scamming of drivers, I would suggest that anyone who has a claim against these crooks contact the Indiana Attorney General and a labor attorney to seek damages. Drivers must band together to stop these lease scams. Drivers do have recourse against these people check with OOIDA

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