Perils of Using The Cruise Control

by John Hulligan

It is advisable to avoid using the Cruise Control whenever driving in icy conditions or very heavy rain downpours/flooding.

If for any reason the vehicle begins to lose traction due to sliding on Ice/snow or by Hydroplaning due to excessive rainwater the Cruise control will attempt to bring the Truck up to the controlled speed and this will result in uncontrolled Acceleration as and when the Tires regain traction.

It is also very easy to become complacent when driving using the Cruise Control and that split-second that is needed to change your road speed in the event of a problem or to avoid an accident is increased when you are NOT controlling your road speeed by your foot on the throttle pedal!!

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Jan 24, 2013
Avoid losing traction
by: Hervy

Good tip John. Cruise control is definitely a no no when driving in adverse conditions. You want maximum control of braking and accelerating.

Cruise control is great for saving fuel on the highway in normal traffic on a bright sunny day.

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