Pay attention to MSG and how it affects you tohelp you be a healthy trucker

by Timothy
(Fredericksburg, TX USA)

Most people don't realize what MSG is or how prolific it is in their everyday diet. My mother will devour a buffet if it has MSG, my sister won't eat another bite - she's full. puts me to sleep.

Don't just look for MSG, do a quick study on "free glutamines" it's in soy sauce, broccoli, maltodextrin, yeast extract, malted barley flour...etc. And it's all called "natural" because free glutamines to exist naturally, but they aren't naturally pooled into concentrations as high as the flavorings in our instant soups and chips and pizza and pre-packaged meat and sausage.

Sure...Sun Chips are healthier than fried potato chips, but they also have maltodextrin and yeast extract, which more than likely has some kind of effect on your body, you just haven't realized it yet.

Free glutamines/MSG increase your body's glucose production over 5 times the normal amount. It's literally a mind-altering drug. It tells your brain to release more chemicals than normal. For me, it results in a major sugar crash - dangerous if I'm driving; for others, it maybe different symptoms.

I'm not even a trucker yet, I just enrolled in trucking school, start next week. But reading through your suggestions plus what I've already found, I'm making diet plans now, not after I've already been sucked into being lazy, overweight and eating what looks tasty.

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Dec 01, 2011
trucker health NEW
by: Hervy

Timothy thanks for giving us those tips for trying to be a little healthier on the road.


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