by Patty
(Arlington Tx)

MWF 49 and My hubby has 12 trucks and is gone quite often. When he is home he does find plenty of time to take good care of me. I told him a yr ago that I need much more then once a week and he got me toys ect. I keep telling him I need the real thing and he finally told me to find a man.

I thought he was kidding and he kept telling me to find a sex buddy as he had one. I surely am way in love with hubby and have been for 20 yrs. I went out 2 weeks ago on a Friday night and had a couple of drinks. Was in skirt and heels no panties or bra and was looking nice but bit slutty. esp since I am 49. I met a guy who bought me a drink and we talked for while. Really nice guy and got relaxed.

Long story I got buzzed not drunk and he drove me home and I invited for drink. Yes it lead to me getting Pounded bye lets say a Horse size man. Yes I loved it and made a mess in the bed but my thing is I feel bad now.

Yes the sex was great and had hubby blessing but just do not feel right telling him. I have the guy texting me and wanting more of course also.

I love to try that thing sober but at same time feels like it wrong. Advice??

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