Owner operator tips for keeping more profits

by Michael Owens
(Youngstown, Ohio)

In addition to the information giving here, which is outstanding. I would like to add a two more items.

1. You learn to turn wrenches to keep it out the shop. Every the truck goes to the shop, your profits suffer. Lights, mudflaps, wipers are small repairs. But over a course of of year can add up.

2. Fuel, the number one reason beginners will say there is no money. One has to learn to fuel per load. As company drivers don't pay for, they just fuel and don't see the impact on profits.

So I feel the two variable expenses that one can control are fuel and maintenance. Also staying with it thru good and bad.

Remember as has been mentioned, once your u start making truck payments of any kind, your in business and whoever you pull for is your customer. You have to keep the customer happy if you plan to keep them.

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