Oregon trucker Need an opportunity to get back on my feet.

by Craig
(Springfield, Oregon)

In late 2003, I was working as a contractor for a major computer company. Their policies for employees and contractors were the same when I started, but changed over the course of a couple years.

I took home some discontinued parts and equipment, with the knowledge of my superiors.

A couple years later on into the position, new security took over and began audits on all departments. Part of the auditing was if old equipment was immediately disposed of.

They found that some of my departments was not, and all employees and contractors were questioned. The rule for contractors changed in the last year I worked there, that nothing was allowed to be taken home by contractors for any reason even if permission was given.

I openly admitted to the security head as well as everyone I worked with that I had taken discontinued equipment home. I was fired on the spot, under protest of my managers and my managers boss.

The security department then filed charges of of felony theft. I could not afford a private attorney and the court appointed attorney talked me into a guilty plea to avoid any jail time.

I received a felony theft class c conviction and was ordered community service and fines paid. The conviction was in April 2004, I completed all community service, and paid all my fines.

Since then, I started a new job for a family owned business in November of 2004 and gradually started driving. That worked into commercial driving, then after a bad divorce, I moved on from that family business and took a job with an aluminum extrusion company. I worked for that company for nearly a year, from 2009 to 2010.

That company was bought out by another in late 2010. Within 1 month, that new company sold off all the trucks and trailers to another company. I attempted to hire on the the company that bought out the trucks, but being low man on the totem pole, and since I had a felony, no matter the circumstances, I was laid off.

Now I'm trying to just get back on the road, but no one wants to work with anyone that has a felony less than ten years old.

I just need one real chance with someone that doesn't hold your past against you. I accepted my mistake, even though it wasn't a usual situation, I still did what I did, paid my dues, and now want to move on.

If anyone is willing to give me that chance, I'm your guy.

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