On the road

by Lynn

I met my wonderful man 3 years ago.We both came from a marriage with a mentally abusive spouse.He had two kids a boy and a girl and I have two kids,both boys.

We have such a wonderful relationship.Can't imagine finding anyone that treats me with more caring and kindness.When he decided he wanted a career change I was behind him 100%.

He went to truck driving school and left for a trucking job two days after he finished.My heart broke into a million pieces.

Our afternoons were always filled with family dinners and long walks.Now I had to adjust to being alone.His kids were grown 19 and 21.My sons are 15 and 17.I tried to stay busy,worked many hard hours and then stayed up until the wee hours cleaning and reading.Trying to not notice the empty side of his bed.Nothing worked.

Then one day my brother approached me.He had just got married and his wife was lonely,She moved hundreds of miles away from her family to be with him.Neither had children of there own,and they lived in the middle of nowhere.So when he was at work she was by herself for many hours.

He had seen the trouble I was having with my guy being gone and he said that we could
kill two birds with one stone.Him and his wife could move in and take care of my boys and house and I could get on the truck with my man and his wife would feel more settled with two boys to look after.

After great consideration and many phones calls to my trucker,here I am riding with my guy in his freightliner.It has been a huge adjustment,but,I am happy to be with him.

My family at home are getting along great,I talk with them everyday.

Ladies,life as a truckers wife is not a piece of cake.I know I have been there.

My thoughts are with you.

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