North Florida, Kenneth Davis

by Kenneth Davis

I used to drive full time OTR, but now have a few rental properties (once all foreclosed basket case fixer uppers, that I rebuilt with little outside help) I own and manage.

The rental properties almost sustain me without having to work for anyone, but during times of vacancies I see that some Part-time trucking would fit the bill and allow me to build a small cushion for these times.

I'm kinda a roughneck Macgyver type living on the very cheap from the old paid off 1980s pickup I drive to the years old shoes I wear until they sustain enough ware to warrant new replacement; "we are talking toe holes present, soles worn off!"

I enjoy my freedom to farm in my spare time as well with a few head of cattle for slaughter beef. No thanks to anyone but my strong will to survive my way almost independent at age 43.

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