No time to talk on the phone etc due to time spent working

by Brandi Sharee
(ND usa)

My fiancee is a otr trucker he has been trucking for a year. Well at my job I work 50 plus a week. Well when I come home I don't really want to talk to him or anyone. I just want to shower, eat, sleep and than go back to work.

How do we find time to talk with our crazy work lives but yet not fight with what little time we do talk. And how do I not become overwhelmed with our house not being cleaned spotless everyday?

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Apr 05, 2018
I Concur NEW
by: Brenda

I agree with you completely!

He wants to talk in the morning before I leave for my 1/2 hour lunch break...after the evening...until he's tired.

While I am at work he takes his breaks and naps.

I don't want to push him away but there are things I miss since he's become OTR driver.

I would like to listen to the radio on the drive home. I would like to empty the dishwasher when I get home ("It's too loud in my blue tooth")

I would like to eat a meal without wearing my headphones.

Then there is the sideways look I get from my daughter that I'm too busy again for her.

I feel stretched to the point of breaking and none of my time seems to be mine anymore.

I then get resentful by the time he gets home.

I was glad to read that I'm not alone.

Sep 25, 2016
I'm in the same boat..
by: Anonymous

It's seems my hubby is always on my tail about if he don't call me then we'd never talk. I work 40 hours a week (8-5), take care of 2 small children and have football 3 times a week.

Am I being unreasonable that sometimes I like to have a little "me" time instead of talking on the phone? Yea, we use Bluetooth earpieces also..BUT my husband is easily annoyed and gripes about background noise, so...I have to do absolutely nothing while talking to him.

I think he's just being an ass and doesn't understand that I don't sit in a truck driving all day like he does. Yes, I have told him this. He has no sympathy or care.

Am I being an ass because I want to organize my closet or kitchen instead of talking with him in the 3 hours I have at home to make dinner, eat, clean up, spend time with my boys & shower? I've only been married for 2.5 years.

Maybe we just haven't worked out the kinks but I feel like it's bull crap I get grief from him about me not calling him before work, on my lunch break and in the evening. He calls me enough!

I don't know what to do either...I'd like to know though.

May 10, 2016
Balancing communication and taking care of the home
by: Anonymous

We are the same. Your house can't be to much of a mess? With him on the road and working you 50 hours a week. I clean my bathrooms when I shower always keeping a supply of bleach scrubbers and cleaning towels, roll of paper towels. Giving everything a scrub while I

These are the only 2 places we seem to use the most. Using paper plates, cups, plastic ware have given me some relief. For toast and coffee in the morning. Pre made Paper bag lunches ahead of time, always helps the first few days of the work week for me.

Yeah days off all I want to do is but I do push myself thru prayer and the next thing I know I am chopping vegi's etc.. for the week. My crock pot is well used. Saves time. My guy loves a hot meal whatever it is.

We use bluetooth even when I am cleaning, driving running errands, he is right there with me even if we say only two sentences in a half hour I just know he's there and I am too.

We have been doing this for 26 years. You will find your balance and it's okay to feel like you won't make it thru another day a lot of people do this we just learn how to deal with it.

Much happiness to you and yours. :)

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