Newnan,Ga- Phillip Gary

by Phil Gary
(Newnan,Ga USA)

I am 38 years old. I have been a flooring installer for 21 years. 18 years running my own crews. Due to the economy and the type of work, I am ready to change. I grew up with a step day who drove a truck and I always wanted to drive. I waited until my girls got older so I would not miss them growing up.

About 5 months ago my natural father asked me if I still wanted to drive. He and a friend were going to start a company. I was going drive team with the friend until I could log 10,000 miles and go take my drivers test. All I had to do was go get a dot physical and take my class A permit test. I did and the friend got put in the hospital with cancer. I cant afford school or being away at school and making no money.

At 14 my step dad would pull over on the interstate and let me drive until we got close to our exit then pull over and swap. Many times he slept. At 25 a friend of mine owned his own truck and pulled sod out of Unadella,Ga on a flat bed. It was illegal but I drove all over middle GA. I promise if anyone could give me a chance I will impress them every day and be dedicated. My E-mail is My number is 678-416-1785

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