New Trucker's Wife Need Advise Please

by NY Truckers Wife
(New York)

Hello All,

My husband just became a truck driver in January 2019. He works for a grocery warehouse chain so mostly he's gone for a day then home for a day and so on. When he does a NYC run he may be gone for 3 days but then off for 4 days.

I'm honestly ok with him being gone. For me, by the time I start to miss him he's home, but we have an 8 year old daughter together and it's very tough on her as they are very close. So some advice I'm searching for is how you help your kids cope?

Our hardest times are night time before bed and in the morning before school. Once she gets to school she occupies herself enough to get through the day and once I pick her up I can pretty much keep her occupied until bed time.

He does call her and do a video chat if he's going to be gone overnight.

Another question I have is how to get your husband to check in with you?

All I ask for is let me know when you've reached your destination safely and when you're on your way home. I don't know if he thinks I'm just trying to check up on him or what but I don't think it's too much to ask or me being nosy.

Now to the biggest question for me... husband is a super picky eater and we just cannot afford $10 slices of pizza that will hold him over for 2 hours etc.

When he is on a layover his company gives him a food budget of $50 per day but when it's not a layover, man that adds up quick. What type of foods/snacks do you pack that are reasonable?

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