New to trucking lifestyle

by Tray K

So my husband left on Easter Sunday to go to Fontana, ca to do all his orientation and his test for the license (which he passed..yay).

During his few days out there we barley got to talk, text or anything. He finally left today on the road with his trainer for his 5 weeks training.

He is doing the long haul and to what i understand he will be gone weeks at a time and be home a few days. He signed on as a company driver. We have been together for 8 years (6 married), have 2 kids ages 5 and 6 1/2. And its been a little rough.

I do miss him and this is a whole new journey for me. My kids are a little young and they miss him but i don't think it has hit them that bad. With him only being gone a week, it has seemed to be the longest week! I am sad. And since i have no family here, him and my children are all i had.
He does have family here but we are "close". They do their own things.

Anyways, just wanted to find a support group to get advice, talk and ask questions. Just hoping this will get easier.

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Apr 08, 2013
I'm with you NEW
by: Anonymous

I totally understand what you are going through. My fiance has been doing this training and otr for a few months now. He left on Dec. 29th and I've seen him 4 days between now and then. It is a very difficult lifestyle but anytime I get down in the dumps about it I think about that fact he is working his butt off to take care of us and that he is out there without any of his family, having to live out of his truck, grabbing a shower when he can and eating out of truck stops. Then it brings me back to reality and my focus goes from feeling sorry for myself to appreciating even more what he is doing.
I know it's very hard on the kids and my son has become angry at times. I know when he says something it's because he misses him.
Hang in there...from what I understand it gets easier as time goes by.

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