Never giving up after learning a lesson in life's younger years

by David F. Brown

in 1994 i was a bullheaded young punk who thought he could take the world. sure i could handle myself, but one night after a large college party in state college,P.A. i was taught a lesson that haunts me to this very day.

while leaving a party, our car was bombarded by beer bottles, with 2 windows busted out of my car,and a cut up bloody hand-myself,and 3 friends got out and the fight was on....what would you do?

BUT, the people throwing the bottles just happened to be the 'entire' 1994 Penn state college football team-kerry collins,ki-jana carter,kyle brady,etc. they went undefeated that year. if your familiar with college football- you know if your gonna make your college millions of dollars, no cop or judge is gonna see your side of it-and if you have a public defender....well enough said.

so that's my felony-aggravated assault,cause i used a weapon before i was knocked unconscious. I've largely put it behind me these last 15 or so years-as evidenced by my work record.

until i got my class A CDL. ive found most companies dont even want to talk to me.

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