by Casey

What are the most important material things when you are a trucker?

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Jan 14, 2009
What is needed
by: Jennifer Schnittker

Its pretty simple, we have to look at daily life with OUT having a daily home.

1.) Eat- You must have things such as food and drinks in the truck (or lotsa money to spend to eat). There also must be some way to heat it. My husband has a "portable oven" this looks very much like a lunch box and it will heat things up.

A cooler/fridge may also be necessary. For my husband we have a large cooler. I freeze bottles (soda or Gatorade bottles) and put them in the cooler--it last much much longer than ice, and it does not melt getting everything wet in a cooler

2.) Shower- for these--of course you need clean clothing to shower at the local truck stops. It is important to have a "Kit" this contains your hygiene necessities, soap, razor, deodorant, etc.

When a shower may not be available, baby wipes are a truckers MUST haves! its a great way to clean a bit with out having a shower available.

Sleep: Blankets, pillows etc.

Truckers spend weeks in their trucks with out the possibility of their own bed/home. So they must be prepared to live daily life with out the comforts of home. These are just the "must have" not the I wish i had such as tv's, dvd players, radios.

Another really should have is a cell phone: this is the way most companies communicate with their drivers


Jan 12, 2009
Important material things
by: Jimmy

Hope I can answer your question, Casey. If I understand you correctly, material things aren't any different for a trucker. It doesn't make any difference what I do for a living as far as what I like for material things.

I will still like my house, my p/u truck, my big screen t.v., and so on regardless of how I make a living. Now if I am an o/o, of course I will absolutely love my truck. I'll even spend more time with my "Baby" than with anyone else, including my family.

I'll shine that chrome up real nice, take pictures, and even give her a name! For many truckers who are single, their truck is their wife! Jimmy

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