Need to rent above 26,000 GVW with Air Brakes a day or two

by John B
(Monroeville PA)

I got my permit. Now I need to rent a truck above 26,000 with Air Brakes to practice. I want to rent it for two days, not necessarily one after another but the second day has to be the day of the test so I can drive it there and take the test.

I am willing to pay $140 or the truck and $80 for the Class B or Class A owner to be with me (a day, that will make it $440, I will give you $450 for both days) and I will pay for the fuel used.

We would drive around 8 hours on the first day, practice pre-trip inspection, go over brakes, testing air compressor, etc... all day. On the second round we would repeat the same for 4 hours then we would head to the place where I will take the test.

THIS IS URGENT AS I AM ACTIVELY SEEKING SO PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP. I am in Pittsburgh PA but I can drive to you if it is within an hour or two distance. Let me know.

to find me:
Phone: 412 888 7101

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