Need to rent a truck in Lockhart for CDL test

by Richard Grady
(Lockhart, Texas)

Hi, I'm in Lockhart, tx looking to see how much someone would rent a combo vehicle to test for cdl. I have over a million safe miles under my belt. Driving for a lot of major companies. I quit driving for awhile and let my medical card expire.

Got a DWI, yes I'm pretty ashamed of it. Took care of it. But when I reinstated my license it was changed to a class C. Now I found out I have to take the driving test along with written. Can't go to school again. Don't need to really. Talked to one company. Wanna charge 600 dollars. They do this for students. So trucks are at DPs testing site.

Just trying to see if there's anyone around Austin, tx area who might be able to help me at a much cheaper price. Just trying to fix my life.
Look, I know the DWI doesn't look good, I didn't get it in a big truck. And there's extenuating circumstances as to why I got myself in this predicament.

Not making excuses mind you. But nobody's perfect. Like I said just trying to get back to what I do best, which is driving big trucks.

Here's my number if you think you might be able to help. 512-667-3212 call anytime after 7 am to 8 pm. Thank you for your time.

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