Need test bus for P-passenger endorsement on my Class B St. Louis, MO

by Matthew Smith
(Saint Louis, MO)

I currently hold my Class B CDL, with air brakes, and need to take the skills portion of the passenger endorsement for my CDL. I am located in St Louis Missouri. I currently work for the veterans administration and I'm trying to get on at their motor pool driving the bus between both VA centers in St Louis. The fact that I already have my Class B CDL does not qualify me for the job because the VA wants me to have my Class B and my passenger endorsement already. The VA will not let me use their bus to go take the skills portion of the passenger endorsement. I do currently have my permit for the passenger endorsement skills test. I cannot find anyone or any business here in St Louis that will rent a commercial vehicle that is 26001 lb and over and seats at least 16 to me. Can anybody in St Louis help? Or does anybody have any suggestions? If anyone can help could you can email me at

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