Need Help surprising husband while he is over the road

by Elisabeth Tedeschi
(Crescent, PA)

My husband has been OTR since Dec 26th, 2016 and it's been pretty rough since he has been gone over a month now. He is the type of man that if something is bothering him he keeps it in until he explodes.

Plus he likes to over think things and when he gets something in his head it's very hard to get him to stop thinking that way. He has been bringing up past stuff lately and not letting things go from the past. Nothing to do with cheating just other stuff that really he is making it a bigger deal then it needs to be, like things that have happened years ago.

With that being said and a number of times, he has been gone, mixed with all the time he has been spending alone and thinking none stop about stuff has taken a toll on our marriage. It's almost like he is purposely trying to bring up stuff just to be mad at me and act like he does not care.

If ask to much he gets mad so I try not to. He has even said I don't care about him and I take him for granted which I can't understand why he is saying things like that now.I always text/call him and tell him I love and miss him since he is been gone. I want to do something for him while he is driving and I don't mean at home because he is going to be gone a month or two more.

I want to know if there is anything I can do to show him I do care and love him and appreciate him more than ever. What can I do for him while he is driving?

I am even considering driving to meet him and surprise him without him knowing. Not sure how I would do that without asking him and that would defeat the purpose of surprising him.

What else could I do??

Thanks you!!

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