Need gift idea for your trucker? Consider ETA

by Sharon Ehlmann
(Van Nuys CA USA)

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Engine • Fuel • Hydraulics • Transmission • Differentials • Hubs
Radiator • Power Steering • Greased Joints • Chains • Shaft Gears

Clean Parts | Lower Temperatures | Longer Parts Life | Improved Efficiency | Smooth Shifting | Less Vibration | Cool Temperatures | Less Wear | Extended Oil Life | Smoother Shifting | Fuel Savings | Reduced Vibration, Noise, And Blow-By | Improved Pulling Power

ETA (Electrolyte Transforming Additive) uses a innovative technology used to take static-electricity out of your vehicle. Vehicles, through wear, get loose particles in their systems. Heat created while running your vehicle causes friction and then consequently static-electricity that draws loose particles sticking to the sides adding to the friction and heat which some have coined as stiction. ETA neutralizes the static electricity in your vehicles particles to float free allowing systems to run cooler, reduce maintenance, get better gas mileage and increase overall performance.

This technology has been used at Portland Speed-Way in their racing trucks.

This technology has received raving positive reviews by heavy haulers carrying HUGE loads.
They all touting, their trucks increased performance, running their engines cooler and increasing gas mileage!

A quick proof is our vibration test; by sitting a jug of water on a truck; watch the rumbling and shaking of the water turn into motionless water in just a few minutes of adding ETA products into your trucker’s rigs.

The metal in a machine is nearly always positively charged while ETA STATIC ELECTRICITY & FRICTION REDUCER ™ ™ is negatively charged. Attachment of a thin layer of ETA STATIC ELECTRICITY & FRICTION REDUCER ™ to all metals is natural and not dependent upon temperature, pressure or anything else; except that there must be oil circulation to establish a layer of ETA STATIC ELECTRICITY & FRICTION REDUCER ™ on the metal. ETA STATIC ELECTRICITY & FRICTION REDUCER ™ has absolutely no effect on the metal itself. It is not an extreme pressure agent, so it will not corrode the surface of metal as do chlorinated or sulfured oil additives. It is not a polymer additive so it will not artificially thicken oil. ETA STATIC ELECTRICITY & FRICTION REDUCER ™ is a pure ester, which has much greater lubricity than oil. It is so effective in reducing friction because it creates a carpet
of ester on all of the metal surfaces, preventing metal to metal contact. It can be said that esters slide upon themselves much more freely than oils do. When a sufficient amount of esters are added to oil, the result is that the oil becomes as slippery as esters themselves. The unique film provided by the negative polarity of the ETA STATIC ELECTRICITY & FRICTION REDUCER ™ attached to positively charged metals is the secret to all of ETA STATIC ELECTRICITY & FRICTION REDUCER ™ benefits over older ester technology. ETA STATIC ELECTRICITY & FRICTION REDUCER ™ also increases fluid flow in power steering and hydraulic systems, like those found in old tractors and construction equipment. ETA STATIC ELECTRICITY & FRICTION REDUCER ™ is great for keeping everything running smoothly, efficiently, and up to government standards!

ETA STATIC ELECTRICITY & FRICTION REDUCER ™ repels away residue, leaving it suspended in the base lubricant. Within a few hundred miles parts are clean.
For a fully-treated semi truck we offer a fuel savings or money-back guarantee. Because many factors affect fuel consumption, we can make no guarantees in regards to other vehicle types.

A key benefit of ETA STATIC ELECTRICITY & FRICTION REDUCER ™ is that it extends the life of any conventional or synthetic oil. Here is what you will observe: because of the cleaning function, the first oil change after applying ETA STATIC ELECTRICITY & FRICTION REDUCER ™ will be unusually dirty. After changing that dirty oil and adding fresh ETA STATIC ELECTRICITY & FRICTION REDUCER ™ your vehicle will enjoy all the benefits of healthy oil and clean, de-static parts. As an example of oil longevity, while conventional oil in a semi truck is normally changed every 10,000-15,000 miles with ETA STATIC ELECTRICITY REDUCER it should still be good at 40,000 miles -- just change the oil filter at 15,000 and 30,000 miles. You keep the money that would have gone into the two oil changes you didn’t need.

ETA STATIC ELECTRICITY & FRICTION REDUCER ™ will not void a vehicle warranty; unlike harmful additives which leave behind residue or even clog filters, ETA STATIC ELECTRICITY & FRICTION REDUCER ™ contains no solid particles, leaves no residue, and prevents corrosion ETA STATIC ELECTRICITY & FRICTION REDUCER ™ will not cause slippage in automatic transmissions and motorcycle wet clutches.

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