Seeking A Trucking Job.

Seeking A Trucking Job.

Felon looking for CDL & truck driving opportunities


Does anyone know of a truck driving company that will agree to hire a convicted felon once I get my CDL? Job Link has agreed to pay for my CDL training, but first I must get written agreement from a truck driving school that will agree to hire me once I have the CDLs. My felon is less than 5 years. Thanks

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Oct 14, 2010
Getting in the Game
by: Hervy

What's up Paul, welcome to the site man.

I have been told Carolina Cargo and Ready Trucking are two who are likely to give chances to the right person regardless of the felony record.

You'll find their info and more suggestions from others with felonies on this page man.

trucking jobs for felons

Best of luck Paul.

By the way, the trucking school is not going to give you a letter of employment the company will have to.

Not all of them will do that. You are in a decent area though with plenty of companies around there.

I guarantee you that some of the people in some of those large companies on the dock, warehouse managers, etc have records and will understand what your dealing with if you can just get yourself in a conversation with them about what your trying to do.

Visit some of those local companies, most will say only employees on the door to access the warehouse.

Ask all of your friends that works in warehouses if they personally know or get along well with the managers, if so ask them can you visit them on lunch to talk to the manager.

If you don't know anyone, check out some of the temp services or employment agencies and talk to people in areas at lunch who may be employed at some of those places.

In other words try to meet the people who can help you meet the people who can hire you.

When dealing with a record or any obstacle outside of the box approaches is what give you the competitive advantage and provides other than additional traction in reaching your goals.

Good luck Paul, let us know how it goes.


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