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Trucking in Nebraska is like a trip into the past. To me anyway. I like driving in all the western states though so let's get back on topic.....The Cornhusker State is a leader in ranching and farming. People are leaving Nebraska's rural areas and moving to the cities of the state in large numbers. If you want to escape too, finding a trucking job in Nebraska is a way to get out and see the country, save your money and then move to where you want.

As you might have imagined Nebraska trucking companies will have a large amount of freight to get out of the plains and into cities across the country. Their largest crops are corn and soybeans. The largest livestock production are cattle and hogs. You will see bull haulers every where you turn.

Manufacturing is heavy there, which makes use of their substantial truck and rail operations. North Platte, NE is home to the largest train yard in the world. Think you can find a trucking job in Nebraska? Sure.

Nebraska Trucking
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